Puzzle Glue

Puzzle Glue

If you ever constructed a puzzle (or maybe you have done that just a few minutes ago?), probably you already know that great feeling you get when you when you finish to construct, let's say, a 5.000 piece puzzle:

"Wohoo!! Finally!!! It's finished!"

And then you start to think: "Ok, but how can I protect and preserve my finished puzzle? I really want to enjoy the artwork a little bit longer or hang on the wall. I spent so much time conctructing this 5.00 piece of art! Grr!"

Hard to just take it apart, right?

Use puzzle glue

I had the same problem with my finished puzzles (I had 8 puzzles laying on my floors for weeks). So, after surfing the net for hours, I have found a great solution! There is a special Puzzle Glue for that, which is created specifically for gluing the puzzle and preserve the masterpiece wih a nontoxic, pleasant smelling formula.

Why it's beter to use Puzzle Glue instead of regular glue?

First, they are specifically for puzzle, which means they are: safe, non-toxic, dries quick, clear, bright and easy with no messy clean up or dry time preparation.

Second, they are doing a brilliant job, really!

Honestly I was pretty amazed when I glued my first puzzle and found out that it leaves my puzzle with it's pristine original finish devoid of any bubbles, streaks or color runs.

How to use Puzzle Glue?

1.) Before you start, don't forget to protect your table surface. To do that - slide the finished puzzle over two or more sheets of newspaper!
2.) Now apply Puzzle Saver. We suggest you to do that by starting in one corner and working out to the sides. Don't forget to fill in cracks and coat entire top surface!
3.) After use, you can replace cover to prevent evaporation. Used glue applicator can be easily cleaned in warm water.

It will take approximately one hour for Puzzle Saver to dry. We recommend to apply a second coat on the reverse side for a stiffer puzzle.

That's it! The result is sturdy puzzle art you can hang on the wall, with or without a frame!

P.S. This muti-use glue is perfect for keeping your puzzles intact or for any kind of arts and crafts projects.